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The Mustang Arts Council (MAC) invites you to participate in a collaborative installation for Mustang's 50th Birthday Bash


Theme: 1969 Timeline Events

The Mustang Arts Council has partnered with the City of Mustang for this event in its mission to provide opportunities for artists and promote arts education in the Mustang community. 


Artwork will be on display October 17th, 2019, from 5-9 p.m. during the "Birthday Bash" events at the Mustang Town Center. Artwork may remain on display for the rest of the month.


Submitting Artwork: 

  • Registration: Please CLICK HERE TO REGISTER FOR A 1969 EVENT by Friday, October 11, 2019.


  • Artists of any age may submit one item for display in the art show.

  • Please have artwork ready for display.  

  • There are no size or media requirements for this show.

  • If your work has any special requirements such as electrical needs for video, please contact us, so we can make the proper arrangements.

  • Drop off artwork at the town center on October 17th from 12-1 p.m.  

  • You may choose to bring your own easel or display boards for use in the show or we will use our own. 

  • Pick up artwork at 9 p.m. on October 17th with ID. (If you wish, your artwork can remain on display at the the community center for the rest of October.)


There is no fee to participate in this show. Artists may wish to become a member of the Mustang Arts Council HERE.


Artists of all ages are welcome as we would like to represent a wide variety of talents. Artists are NOT required to be Mustang residents. Entries must not violate copyright laws (for example, popular cartoon or anime characters) and must be family friendly (no nudity, violence, or mature content). All works must be ready to exhibit. Artist’s Name, Phone #, and Title must be on the back of each piece. 



Silent Auction sheets will be available for any artist who wishes to sell his/her work. Artist may set the minimum bid and consider making a 25% donation to the Mustang Arts Council for any work sold. 



The Mustang Arts Council will advertise in flyers at the town center, on their website, and on social media. Signs will be posted during the events directing people to the art installation/auction.



Insurance is the responsibility of the artist. Artists participating in this show agree to allow reproduction privileges of their art for education, fund raising, or publicity purposes only. 



We will need to enlist the help of volunteers to put the show together. We will need people to move tables, displays and artwork, and we will need people to keep an eye on the work during the festivities. Please contact us at to sign up for a time to volunteer.



Feel free to email or call Kristen Polson (405) 819-9313 with further questions.

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