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Christy Hagan

Christy Hagan is a mixed media and fiber artist located in Mustang, Oklahoma. Although she creates a wide range of pieces and occasionally teaches, she emphasises that the purpose behind all her works is to “make friends through creative endeavors”. Her community driven projects range from crocheting for charity to collaborative art installations. When teaching, she encourages a mindset of “progress, no perfection”, as students develop new skills and stretch their creative muscles. 


She is a member of Crochet Guild of America, and graduate of their national Masters Program. She is also a certified crochet instructor (level 1) with the Craft Yarn Council of America. Over the years, her crochet designs have won top placements at local county and state fairs. Her designs have also been published in Crochet! Magazine and Crochet World Magazine. 


Born and raised in the Mustang community, Christy’s work is shaped by her experiences growing up within the area. She finds inspiration from her faith, family, and friends. She loves to repurpose unwanted materials into something new and unexpected. She feels this reflects the transformations in her own life, having to make adjustments at times to work around her limitations. "Although I often can't do things the way others may expect," she says, "doesn't mean I can't do them in unexpected ways.



*All artwork is copyright of the artist and may not be duplicated, saved, or used in any way without consent of the artist.

Christy Hagan
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