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John Dendy

Originally from the United Kingdom, John Dendee is a seasoned song writer, record producer, and entertainer. In London, he was a member of the very popular Lauric Trio, often gigging five nights a week. His time with the band provided extensive stage experience and the confidence necessary to succeed as a solo artist.  Dendee worked as a professional sound engineer in addition to writing songs for industry giant Peer Music. He still considers this one of the greatest honors of his career. In September 2017, John and his wife, Nancy moved from Austin, Texas to Mustang, Oklahoma. They purchased a home and converted an out-building into a recording studio.


It can be challenging for independent musicians and songwriters get their songs to the public. Studying the problem, John decided his song titles needed to be unique in order to entice people surfing the Web to check him out. He was correct! 


Six albums later, Dendee’s crazy titles, fun lyrics, and great music have found a very special niche of dedicated fans. In 2017, “I Want A Cup of Tea” reached top 40 status on NBC. 


His stage show integrates comedy and music together perfectly. In addition to playing commercial venues, John’ passionate about supporting local charities.


Let’s promote Mustang, Oklahoma through the power of entertainment! 

Pictured below is the new dendee music and video studio. It has always been his intention to start a a small performing arts group in Mustang, involving local talent initially to produce creative music videos! Hopefully by the fall the current pandemic will be history and we can begin advertising for members! We will be interested in singers, creative performers, musicians, coreographers, video and audio specialists, and people with marketing, social media, and promotion experience, in fact anyone who has something to offer who would like to be involved! All members will be attending on a volantary basis, with a view to possible furture paid live performance! We are interested in creating great professional entertainment! This is not an age related project, anyone who has talent is welcome, you would of course be required to audition! We would also welcome the creative ideas of members! You can send enquiries to

*All artwork is copyright of the artist and may not be duplicated, saved, or used in any way without consent of the artist.

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