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Bryan Dahlvang

Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA), 1997, Oklahoma City University. 

Bryan has exhibited in many locations around the U.S. and has Fine Artwork in private collections around the world. He has taught art lessons for many years at the Oklahoma City Museum of Art, various Metro Libraries across the state of Oklahoma, and at the Oklahoma Contemporary Arts Center. He is an award-winning Graphic Designer for the Federal Aviation Administration, having designed the Airmen Certificate (Pilot's License) and other safety related products for the flying public for over 20 years. 



*All artwork is copyright of the artist and may not be duplicated, saved, or used in any way without consent of the artist.

Portrait of Sharra

Bryan Dahlvang "Portrait of Sharra" Oil on Canvas


Bryan Dahlvang "Portrait of Diego" Oil on Panel (commissioned)

Pappy Framed

Bryan Dahlvang "Portrait of Pappy" Oil and Collage on Panel


Bryan Dahlvang "Portrait of Bert Seabourn" Oil on Canvas (sold)

Need more cowbirds

Bryan Dahlvang "We Need More Cowbirds" Portrait of Christopher Walken Oil on Prepared Paper


Bryan Dahlvang "Chickadee" Oil on Prepared Paper (sold)

Barn Owl

Bryan Dahlvang "Barn Owl" Oil on Prepared Paper


Bryan Dahlvang "Sunset on the Longhorn" Oil on Prepared Paper


Bryan Dahlvang "Workin' Bird" Oil on Panel


Bryan Dahlvang "Together" Oil on Canvas (sold)

Cow TPP'n

Bryan Dahlvang "Cow TPPn" Oil on Panel with Aeronautical Chart Collage


Bryan Dahlvang "Buried Treasures" Oil on Panel with Aeronautical Chart Collage

Pigeon Toad

Bryan Dahlvang "Pigeon Toad" Collage and Oil on Canvas

iOwl ways love you

Bryan Dahlvang "iOwl-ways Love You" Oil and Collage (insect wings and bark) on canvas

To the Bone

Bryan Dahlvang "To the Bone" Collage and Oil on Prepared Paper


Bryan Dahlvang "Guardian" Turtle Skull, Pig Tusks, Sticks

le duc

Bryan Dahlvang "Le Duc" Duck Skull, Sticks


Bryan Dahlvang "Beetle Bride" Insects, Wood, Briar Vine, Cloth


Bryan Dahlvang "Crab to Crow" Snowcrab Claw, Sticks and Thorns, Paper, Clay


Bryan Dahlvang "Marey Nickelavee" Orange Peelings, Concrete, Acrylic paint, French Newspaper Collage and Jawbone

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