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Kristen Polson

Kristen Polson is a mother of five who enjoys helping people find a positive creative outlet to focus their energy and build self-confidence. She has a degree in Fine Arts and has worked professionally as a graphic designer and illustrator since 2002 and as an art teacher since 2013. She currently teaches art camps and homeschool art classes at the Mustang Community Center. She is the founder of the Mustang Arts Council.



*All artwork is copyright of the artist and may not be duplicated, saved, or used in any way without consent of the artist.


Kristen Polson "Arrow to Atoms" Acrylic on Canvas 2018


Kristen Polson "Indian Head Rock" Acrylic on Canvas 2018


Kristen Polson "Binger" Acrylic on Canvas 2020


Kristen Polson "Panama City Beach" Acrylic on Canvas 2018

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